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Jozephine is drawn to what is difficult and complex with a mission to make it simple and she’s dedicated to understanding people – that has made her a ninja on human behavior. She thrives to be a part of what creates the conditions for people and organizations to succeed and create a better world. As a result, she chose to study organizational psychology in 2012, and after working for many years, she now specializes in what is also her passion:  leadership, culture, and equality.

She is value-driven, brave, and straightforward and loves to challenge the status quo. This makes her known for getting things done in new ways, which always create value in the present and a sustainable future.

Through her true commitment to gender equality and society, she is also in her spare time a board member of an organization that works to reduce violence against women, by engaging men and boys in creating a more equal world. In addition to this, she is an active mother of two who loves to dance and who always can cook dinner, even though others say “there is nothing in the fridge”.