Jakob started his career as a volunteer, working with drug addicts and visiting prisoners. After leading a school and taking the students to the Bronx to hand out food, Jakob entered the fields of sales and marketing.

In 2017 he joined the tech startup Adfenix and was soon invited to their People & Culture team. The company was the 5th fastest-growing in Sweden in 2019. As the Talent Acquisition Manager, Jakob was responsible for attracting top talent. That proved to be easier said than done, as no senior software engineer had heard of the scrappy startup back then. After a lot of hard work, the employer branding snowball started rolling on social media, and Adfenix now has one of the most reputable tech teams in Sweden.

At Impact Arena, Jakob’s focus is to help founders develop an amazing culture and then from that create a glowing employer brand, to attract some of the best to their companies. When he isn’t working, Jakob is a family man, involved with his church community, who loves to take his kids for an adventure or go on a ride on his mountain bike.”