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Anna is a true tech geek hidden inside a People and Culture Partner. She is a generation of the internet revolution and adapted early into the online lifestyle and gaming. It then came naturally for her to be in the front seat of building Gothenburg’s largest game studio EA Ghost. With a proven track record of building a world-class AAA game developer team, she then took on her next big assignment, turning a small startup into a full-on scale-up. With Inteleon SMS Park she was head of Talent acquisition for their tech department. 

Anna’s experience is one of a kind, and she will be a great asset to have onboard building an organization and coaching founders on their road ahead and building a culture based on trust. She has a strong analytical side and a sharp business mind. Where other people might get lost in translation regarding technical terms, Anna will ask the harder questions. 

She spends her spare time at her summer house in the woods with family and three kids. As a twin mum, she has multitasking superpowers.