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We are People & Culture
partners for smart startups
and brave businesses.

Together we build people,
teams and companies.

What we really need is 
a new ping-pong table.

Company Culture.

To us, culture is everything and our guiding compass in our relationship with our partners. We guide you to set your culture and connect the dots between structure and people outcome. While other consultants may focus on policies and admin workload will We focus on behaviors and engagement. You can have the most well-written policy but it won’t be that makes your employees choose you. We like to start our engagements with Culture Mapping as a foundation for other activities. We provide many tools and best practices to support founders on their journey.

Finally, that was the last
recruitment this year.

This week.

To find, recruit, onboard, develop, and keep engaged employees is on top of every company’s agenda. It’s tough. But well worth the effort in the long run. As @vkhosla said: “a company becomes the people it hires, not the plan it makes.” As part of our in-house Talent Management partnership, we do not decide whom to hire but we can make sure you choose the right one and make things happen. We focus on creating a strategy and process together for recruitment, employee value, and onboarding.  

Our vison is to
make more money.

Better Products.

In order to survive business leaders need to focus on the long term vision, building a great management team as well as communicate, communicate, and communicate. But you can’t know everything! With our subscription service, you get a senior people & culture expert available at all times. We will help you save precious time and avoid the most common pitfalls.

There must be a better way of
working with people & culture?

There is.
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